Proceed with Passion

Everyone has a story to tell ◦ Let's tell yours


Everyone has a story...

Subtle Tales Studios was founded by story tellers. We believe that everyone has a story to tell the world, and our goal is to make telling that story easier. From writers and directors, to the everyday dreamer, we want you to bring your vision into reality. 

How do we help you achieve this goal? We provide a wide range of services to help you realize your project. We can even help you polish your script or cast a project with us. After a short interview about your project, we match you with our team members that most closely reflect your own visions to ensure a fruitful production.

Our teams can:

  • Direct your script or help you to
  • Guide you in planning your shoot
  • Help in the casting process
  • Shoot 4K and HD video for your project
  • Record high quality audio for your project
  • Edit your footage
  • Create title/credit sequences
  • Color grade your footage
  • Create visual effects
  • Create posters/marketing materials
  • Help you find scores/compositions
  • Shoot production stills

You retain all rights and ownership of your recordings, photographs and designs, and most importantly you always have artistic control of your project. We're here to help you create your vision, not ours.

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