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Creatives or Creators...

I was sitting down going over projects with a good friend from The Philobat Company the other day, and an interesting idea came up. The difference between creative people and creators. While they both have fantastic qualities, it came about that there seem to be subtle difference between the two breeds. This is a rough recap of some of the ideas we had.

Creatives are amazing people to have on your team. They never shy away from colaboration. They are always there with input and ideas. In an acting environment for example the creative will think about things for a character the average person may not. Be it backstory, character specific gestures, or that reason for moving from point a to point b. They can improbe the quality of anything they are a part of by bringing a fresh perspective. Creatives thrive on working with people to tell a story.

Creators however, feel the drive to create. It's less a choice than a compulsion, creators need to create. It's part of the balance of their lives. Creators are self starters. If they are without an endeavor, they find or start one. Writing a story, painting a picture, seeking out the perfect setting for a photograph. They will often draw people in to their projects to ensure it makes it from conception to birth. Creators in the simplest terms are compelled to put things into the world, if for no other reason than to do it.

It can be said they are two sides of the same coin. It can also be said they are two different members of a species. Whichever way you chooses to see it, the fact is they need each other to succeed in their goals. And the world needs them both.